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The integrated modules of KUJIRA for the integrated NMR structure analysis
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What is KUJIRA
KUJIRA is a program for analysis of NMR, consisting of integrated and networked modules working with a variety of graphical interfaces for systematic and interactive analysis of NMR data by manual or automated assignments of main-chain and side-chain signals. NMRView (Johnson, B. A., 1994) is used in KUJIRA for displaying contour plots and controlling spectrum windows. A module used for assessments of calculated structures, including the functions for secondary structure detection, accessible surface area analysis, Ramachandran and X1/X2 analysis, allows user to recognize the problematic region of the structures readily. Another module in KUJIRA linked with outputs of NOE assignments by CYANA calculations seamlessly controls chemical shift table, spectrum windows and NOE assignment table as users to find artifact or noise peaks among NOE peak table as well as miss-assignments in the chemical shift table easily. These functions allow users not only to achieve high completeness and accuracy of chemical shift table but also to enormously save time for the structure refinement works.

The contribution of KUJIRA for the NMR studies
The protein3000 project, the software KUJIRA and CYANA were mainly used for the structure determination studies. As you can find in PDB website, the number of PDB structures that made use of KUJIRA reached more than 1152.

Using KUJIRA and CYANA, the NMR structure analysis is now highly efficient
The NMR stricture analysis based on the "step-by-step" procedure has been a standard, by which the analysis normally requires 2-4 month even for an well-experienced NMR scientist. The use of KUJIRA and CYANA has greatly accelerated the analysis works and increased the reliability of the signal assignments and determined structures.

If you publish work that made use of KUJIRA you can cite it as: KUJIRA, a package of integrated modules for systematic and interactive analysis of NMR data directed to high-throughput NMR structure studies Kobayashi N, Iwahara J, Koshiba S, Tomizawa T, Tochio N, Güntert P, Kigawa T, Yokoyama S. J Biomol NMR. 39(1):31-52. (2007)

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